Welcome to Control System Security

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Control System Security blog. My focus here is industrial control system security news, technologies, practices and experience. My hope is to post information and experience which helps owners and operators improve the security of their facilities. I will also provide coverage of news, attacks, standards developments and other topics which can be essential background for improving technologies and programs.

The blog may seem to be "picking up in the middle of a conversation." That's because I was the principle contributor to the Findings from the Field blog while I was at Industrial Defender. If you would like some of the background posts leading up to where I'm starting here, you may want to check out my postings ending in September 2010 in Findings from the FIeld.

I welcome comments, even dissenting ones. If you have a specific security issue you would like to discuss, but not in public, please feel free to send me mail or give me a call. I am always grateful for an opportunity to understand specific issues that sites are having.

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